How to Reach the Venue

The Venue from the Railway Station

To get to the venue from the railway station you can either walk (approximately 1.5 Km - check Google Maps for detailed directions) or catch a bus (check Google Maps for detailed directions and the Brescia Mobilità website for the timetables).

The Venue by car

Exit Brescia Ovest, highway A4:

At the Brescia Ovest exit you drive straight on for 0.8 Km (you should see the "Mercato Ortofrutticolo" building in front of you). Then, turn on the right in "Via Orzinuovi" and then turn on the left in order to take the SP345 in the "Ospedale"-"Val Trompia" direction. You drive straight approximately 1.5 Km and then take the "Ponte Mella - Via Milano" exit. Turning on the right, you drive along "Via Milano" less than 2 Km. At the end of "Via Milano" you will see the G. Garibaldi monument, then you pass through "Piazza Garibaldi" and turn on the left after the monument. You drive along "Via Calatafimi" and "Via Lupi di Toscana" (less than 1 Km), and at the end of the street you turn on the right for "Via Pellico". You drive along all "Via Pellico" (less than 1 Km.) and at the end you will see on the right "Via San Faustino" and find the conference location.

The nearest parking lot to the conference venue is "Fossa Bagni". More information can be found here (information available only in Italian).